Aarudam Prasanam

Aarudam Prasanam


The effort is ours, meaning for those who accept the fact that the end is desire, foretell is a prophecy. It is the forerunner who announces what is going to happen next, so this is called as foretelling the future.

Attempt wearer will be disgraced, that it should be accepted in practiced and Killed

Next try by without, taken back evil is the empirical truth of the meaning.

Knowing any action in advance can lead to success.

This astrological astrology is a complete guide for those who have this faith.

siddha medicine is a tamil medical  system.

The ancient siddhars of tamilnadu have created it in the tamil language.

The siddhars are well aware of knowledge of grace and have stayed it very accurately.

The definition of when paranoia medicine appeared does not  diminished.

It has spread according to the traditional tradition.

Countless available in nature such as grass, garlic, tree, plant flag, root, crust, leaf, flower, young plant, green, fruit, seed etc. are the kinds of precious  stones and  planets with  this, all helps mercury, brim stone , camphor, thread using all these  kinds of  thirkatu churna, trishadi, thiripalli, type of  rice , paspam, vermillion, tablet , bals, masalas, tinctures, tailam ect with many water types with milk, honey sugar and ghee, coconut pungu punna with neem sesame and other vegetable oils etc is an expanded medical system.

Paranormal medicine does not stop with paranormal medicine.

The religion that excels in  paranormal medicine, wisdom, science, body mineral, religion ,astrology, astrologer. medicine should  be mechanized as a remedy.